All The Little Children Ministries

      Matt 19:14
Jesus said, "Let the children come to me and do not stop them, because the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." TEV

There are four  ministries that we are currently raising finances for, and as the Lord directs us, we will add other ministries through out all the nations.
The first ministry is called Rescue and Restore. This ministry runs an orphanage in Chennai India, and rescues orphan children off of the streets and provides them with a home, food, clothes and an education. They work with the boys and girls to get them jobs in the area, so that they can go out on their own. The home is run by a gentleman and his wife, whom I had the privilege to meet on my first trip to India. We have been in contact with this ministry for seven years, and have seen the great work they are doing, as well as the heart for children they and their staff have.  In September 2010 We were able to visit Rescue and Restore and purchase a motorized rickshaw.  Some of the older boys in the home will be taught to operate and maintain the vehicle. The money generated by the rickshaw will be put back into the home to help support the ministry.  Rickshaws are used as transportation all over India and are operated twenty four hours a day.
The cost of the new rickshaw and permit was about $5500 U.S. dollars.

The Second ministry that we are supporting is a ministry in Mumbai India that rescues children of prostitutes in the red light district in the area of Kamathipura. There are an estimated 100,000 women there and an estimated 400,000 men that enter that area each day. More than 70% of these women have AIDS and are dying. Many have contacted this ministry, asking them to take their children and give them a home. This ministry is run by a lady who was raised in the United States, and returned to India to help the children of that country. She and her staff supply food, clothes, education and shelter for these girls as well as teach them about God. They also minister to the women of the red light district. They also run  a "toy library", located in a government school building in the red light district.  It is a place where children can go and play for an hour or two, while their mothers are working.

All The Little Children Ministries was established to support children's ministries around the world. We support children's ministries that are run by indigenous people in their country.
All The Little Children Ministries will affiliate and support only individuals, missions, programs and projects that have been personally visited by a representative of All The Little Children Ministries in order to verify their validity.

Mission Statement
To provide finance to established children's ministries around the world so they can provide aid to the needy children, teach them about the Lord and change their nation for Christ.

Helping  Change the Lives of Children Around the World